"Schneider [in Deadfall Trail] fares best, evolving from impulsive kid to hard-core survivalist during the trip. He goes from someone you can't stand to someone you root for over the course of the film, an impressive feat."
- by Bill Goodykoontz - May. 13, 2010
The Arizona Republic
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"Cavin thinks "out of the box" while "fitting in" to any and every situation. I have never met someone who is so multi-talented while maintaining a healthy level of humility along with a thirst to learn more. Cavin is readily available and present when the need arises in both his personal and business life. His generosity of spirit spills over to his stellar work ethic.

It really isn't fair to expect an accurate description of this wonderful young man in a forum such as this. It would take a book to cover his many qualities and abilities. I always say that anything he touches turns to gold, including the hearts of those with whom he comes in contact.

Cavin has been dependable, kind, conscientious, joyful, entertaining - the list can go on for days. I've referred him to others for outside work and the story is always the same: "This kid is amazing! Thanks for referring him." What more can I say? He IS the best of what we have in our younger generation. There is hope ;)."
-Linda Waymire, Owner of Waymire Studio

"Cavin is a wonderfully talented young man beyond his years"
- Shane Dean, Actor

“Cavin has always been reliable, honest, and a creative hard worker. He has worked with me on multiple network shows as well as local commercials. He is my first choice in every production.”
- Austin James, Producer

"I've had the privilege of working with Cavin Gray on a variety of projects.

As an actor, Cavin is always very professional, appropriate and dedicated to the project at hand. He is prompt and always prepared for his performance.

As an Improv performer, he is excellent. Cavin provides many memorable moments both with what he is saying and doing on stage. His pantomiming is some of the best I've seen, creating a world around him from nothing. He is high energy and a great entertainer.

As an instructor, Cavin shows great patience and understanding. From beginners to seasoned pros, Cavin shows respect to each individual and creates a fun atmosphere to learn.

I highly recommend Cavin as an actor, teacher and improviser."
-Brian K., Producer, Improv Performer

“...Cavin is a truly talented individual and very hard working. I would recommend his work to anyone.”
- Ryan Drobel, Actor, Improv Performer

“Cavin is a compassionate, supportive, fun-loving teacher who keeps the pace moving and each student feeling as though they have a lot to contribute and everything to gain by working with him. I felt completely comfortable throwing myself fully into improv situations in his class and gained so much from discussion afterward. The experience of working with him is fun, funny and so informative. I would recommend him to anyone starting out, or brushing up on their work with improv.”
- Candee Lewis, Actor, Student

"Cavin is an amazing actor and singer! His talents as an actor and singer are gifted in a way that I have not seen in other actors. He is definitely inspired whether he is singing or acting. When he appears in an improvisation sketch, the audience is 100% going to laugh, because Cavin has that special talent that just makes anyone laugh. In addition, Cavin is an honest and reliable actor and teacher. As an acting teacher and coach he works to train and support his students in order to help them become better actors."
-Jennifer D., Actor, Student

Things Being Said About Cavin Gray:
(Casting Directors, Producers, Studio Owners, Acting Instructors, Actors and Improvisors and More...)
"I respect Cavin as an actor. He is professional, talented, on-time, and always willing to work as part of the team. Cavin would be an asset to any production. I would highly recommend him for any casting job and look forward to working with him in the future."
-Helen McCready, CSA

"I have found Cavin to be a self-starter and a person of integrity who is level-
headed, very responsible, and liked by casting directors and other industry
professionals alike"
- Matt Englehart, Ford Robert Black Agency

"Cavin Gray is a talented consummate professional, who approaches his work seriously and with a high level of energy, but also with a great sense of play. He has a magical connection with the material, the other actors, director, and all who work with him, creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and happy to be working together toward a common goal.
Cavin Gray is a very talented young man. I've worked with him on numerous occasions and he came through every time. He takes direction very well and is a pleasure to have "on the set".

We are casting for three feature films in the coming months and Cavin is on our short list of call backs.

Hire this guy."
- Steve Wargo, Producer

"it was an honor to work with, Shane Dean, Slade Hall and Cavin Gray. They all came to the project with so much dedication. After 10 to 12 hours of shooting we would meet for dinner and directly after we would rehearse for another 3 to 4 hours. I remember one night we just finished rehearsals and the grips were outside drinking. They were amazed, because they never saw someone work longer hours than a grip, especially an actor. But, besides their dedication to the project, they each have a dedication to their art"
- Roze, Director

"[Cavin] is the kind of person that can easily morph into any character needed. His contribution of ideas and his improvisation skills were critical to create a more complete piece. He is easy to direct and is willing to go the extra mile for you. We shot a video at 105 degrees outdoor location and he was absolutely committed to the overall success of the project regardless the harsh conditions. Never lost his smile and positive energy. Cavin would take your project to the next level. We highly recommend him."
- Murial Sawicki, Producer

"Cavin is a magnificent actor, proficient in all the subtleties that make for nuanced and highly entertaining performances. He is also a skilled acting and improv teacher. He is motivated, reliable and an asset on any project."
- Alexandria S., Life Coach, Acting Instructor

"Cavin makes every effort to ensure a project is completed as expected, even if that means working late, weekends, etc. He also makes every effort to better those he works with on a project so everyone performs at their best. Cavin's energy helps to move projects along and is helpful when deadlines are approaching and extra effort is needed to complete."
- Matt B., Actor

"Cavin is not only a brilliant entertainer, he's a professional film actor and teacher..."
- Karen L., Actor, Singer

"I had the privlege of working with Cavin in 2010 when my company hired him to videotape aspects of our annual conference and tradeshow. I was incredibly impressed by his professionalism, his work ethic and the quality of his work. We asked a lot of him, including very early mornings and nights that sometimes stretched into the early morning hours, and he always showed up on time and with energy. He brushed elbows with every level of our staff from CEO to intern and he carried himself with professionalism throughout every interaction. The camera angles he used combined with zoom and focus were fantastic and showed his extreme level of expertise in videography. If I ever have a need for a videographer in the future, he will be the first person I call. I'd recommend him to anyone."
- Aubrey B., Marketing Director
Photo By: Madison Kirkman